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Personal Development Plan

We develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for each team member, using it to plan and monitor progress.  When carried out on a project basis, i.e. when it includes all project team members, it allows us to determine whether the transfer of other skills into the project is necessary to ensure success. 

Using the plan as a basis, individual needs are established and a plan for training and support developed on the basis of project schedules.  This ensures, for example, that training is only carried out when there is the opportunity for the individual to apply the training to actual project work.  Skills are reassessed periodically until the individual attains the necessary level of competence.

We use an effective technique to measure skill levels and monitor their development - participants can even measure their own progress and management can see evidence that the programme is bearing fruit. Each project role has associated target skill levels for both theory and execution. Attainment of the target in each indicates that the candidate has achieved practitioner status. Higher achievement levels can also be set for existing practitioners who are progressing toward expert and mentor levels, allowing longer-term skills development to be carried out using internal resources.

Personal Development Plan
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